My youngest son had this large, stuffed Elmo toy. The thing was dirty and nasty. It used to talk when you hugged it, but the sound box broke and now it made this weird farting noise (the boys did think that was cooler). Plus now that my little guy is in 1st grade, he has really outgrown Elmo. So I wanted to throw the toy out. It wasn't even fit for donation, that's how gross it was. Of course as soon as I tried, my little guy grabbed it and hid it in his room, professing his love for this toy *sigh. So what to do... My husband joked that we cut Elmo with his pocket knife. That's when it hit me, Destroy It! Don't get me wrong, my little guy is a sweet heart. But like most boys his age, he loves to destroy things. So I asked him if he wanted to rip Elmo apart. His eyes lit up and he was ready to go. We started with a scissors. When that didn't work, we moved onto a bread knife. I should note that the entire operation was closely supervised. I would never give a 6 year old a bread knife and let him 'have at it'. He was laughing so hard as he tore Elmo apart. It wound up being a fun time for the whole family, and I got to get rid of a nasty toy, without any fighting or tears. Seems like a success to me! And as a side note, I did get him to say "There can be only ONE!" As he held Elmo's head up. LOL, he didn't get it, but it gave me a chuckle.
My little princess is only 3 months old and she LOVES bath time. As soon as I put her in the tub, she mellows out. It's funny because my three boys always enjoyed splashing in the tub but she just relaxes. Hubby tried to "help" her splash once, but that just upset her. I have always found it challenging to wash a newborn's back side. Usually I wind up with a soaking wet t-shirt. Trying to juggle a wet baby, after the bath, and those tiny baby towels isn't any fun either. There had to be a better, less sloppy way to do bath time. So off to Pinterest I went. I found two DIY pins, each with elements that I liked. So I decided to combine what I liked from each pin, and create a Baby Bath Apron just for me. Hopefully you like it too. You can check it out on my new Sew Cool page.
I think Thanksgiving is a great holiday. I love spending an entire day with my family. We play football in the yard, deep fry a turkey, devour an amazing feast, and just enjoy being together. Unfortunately Thanksgiving often gets overshadowed by the fast approaching Christmas. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Christmas, but I get tired of the "I wants" and the growing "wish lists". So this year I wanted to do something to keep the focus on what we have to be thankful for. After doing some Pinterest research, and feeling inspired by my Facebook friends' daily thankful posts, I decided we would make a Thankful Tree and Thanksgiving Plates. I think they turned out really nice, and they were cheep and really easy to do. Check both tutorials out on my Holidays Page.

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    My name is Stephanie, I'm the mother of 3 handsome boys and 1 beautiful little girl. I love to craft and create. But I don't like to spend a lot of money doing it. So I decided to make a blog about my crafting successes, failures, and what I learn in the process. (And maybe a few posts about my crazy life) I really enjoy it when I see something I like and then figure out how to make it myself for less (or even for nothing at all). I get inspiration from Pinterest, Etsy, TV, and Magazines and I love to shop at Goodwill and other thrift stores. Hopefully my blog will help you get creative!


    November 2013